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Welcome to our family photography page! Meet our team of passionate photographers, each with their own unique perspective and dedication to capturing unforgettable moments.

Meet Agata

An extraordinary photographer whose passion for people and impeccable attention to detail shine through in every photograph she captures.

Originally from Kazakhstan, Agata’s journey as an immigrant has imbued her work with a rich tapestry of cultural influences. Her vibrant personality and boundless energy make her a natural at connecting with families from all walks of life, bringing out the true essence of each moment she captures.

With her remarkable technical skills and innate sense of artistry, Agata ensures that every photograph is a masterpiece in its own right. Whether it’s capturing the fleeting innocence of childhood or the warmth of familial bonds, her images are a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft.

As a mother of two boys, Agata understands firsthand the importance of preserving cherished memories for future generations. Her love for her own family fuels her commitment to creating lasting keepsakes for every family she works with.

Beyond her talent behind the lens, Agata is also a fashion enthusiast with an eye for style and sophistication. Her love for fashion adds an extra dimension of creativity to her work, elevating each image to a work of art.

New York City holds a special place in Agata’s heart—it’s not just a city; it’s her dream destination filled with endless inspiration and opportunities to meet new people. As an invaluable member of our team, she goes above and beyond to ensure the success of every project, putting the needs of the team and the families we serve above all else.


Meet Arpi (RP)

As a proud dad to two incredible boys, RP finds endless inspiration in the joy and wonder of childhood. His deep connection with his own children fuels his passion for photographing families, allowing him to authentically capture the love, laughter, and spontaneity that make each family unique.

With over a decade of experience photographing Christenings and baptisms, RP brings a wealth of expertise to every session. His keen eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of family dynamics ensures that every moment is preserved in its purest form.

He specializes in sessions in Central Park, where the beauty of nature Vs. city provides the perfect backdrop for timeless family portraits. From intimate gatherings to bustling tourist families, excels in creating authentic and memorable experiences for all.

As an immigrant from Transylvania(Romania), RP brings a unique perspective to his work, appreciating the beauty in life’s simple pleasures and the importance of building, resilient, successful children through the safety of a strong family foundation. He is dedicated to making every client feel valued and understood, offering personalized service and attention to detail in every session.

Thank you for considering us to document your family’s special moments in Central Park. We look forward to creating cherished memories together that will be treasured for years to come.